GNSS Receiver

WGM-303 is a highly sensitive GNSS receiver based on u-blox M8 chipset which is built-in antenna. You can use the GNSS Receiver in automotive navigation, security tracking purpose, map making and fleet management. Providing reliable positioning in difficult environments, meet even the most stringent requirements in versatile industrial and consumer applications, such as UAVs, vehicles (car, truck, bus etc.) and asset tracking. The optional connectors of USB and PS / 2 enable the connection with a laptop, car PC and other electronic devices. It compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, as well as 7, Vista.

Smart Logistics: Supply Chain Management Solutions

The logistics industry is a very important and indispensable part of economic activities. With the rise of “Stay at Home Economic”, logistics operators need more and smaller smart logistics solutions. WINTEC GPS TRACKER series products can be used in locomotive express delivery, minivans and delivery services. The goods are transported from the warehouse to the relay station, and finally delivered to the store, and the whole process is controlled. It can also use external sensors to track whether the cargo has lost temperature, dropped, hit or other accidents.
A GPS TRACKER can be installed without a cloud or server, you can directly send data to your communication software, or you can provide information to existing systems to achieve efficient, green and safe operation of logistics.

New Product Launch – 4G GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

We all know that in 2020, real-time data feedback and information integration have become the norm, Wintec provides complete hardware equipment and high-quality / purchase price ratios that allow system vendors to establish their own vehicle management or monitoring solutions, integrate all vehicle and sensor information and feed back to their own management platform.
In addition to providing GPS positioning information of the car, it can also report the starting state of the car and collect information about an external thermometer and hygrometer.
An RS-485 industrial interface is also provided, allowing you to collect more sensor information. The communication protocol of MQTT and MQTTS allows you to easily connect to your own public and private clouds. It can be done through simple settings, let you easily grasp the fleet size.

Farm Management Solutions

Industrial Wireless Gateway is used for a variety of detections, which is suitable outdoor and indoor environment to resist the water, dust, temperature and shock and meet with the IP68 standard. In internet of wireless sensor, our Industrial Wireless Gateway is designed to efficiency and saving energy and used of wireless communication to transmit data, which can save much wiring cost, and more convenient.
Industrial Wireless Gateway collect much data that are detected by the sensing devices for the environments such as temperature, humidity, brightness, vibration, etc., and transmit to the center for analysis and monitoring. We base on the information collected to control the state of environments and make decisions immediately.
The application range is quite wide and suitable a variety areas and environments. For example, automated farm / garden detecting system, bridge safety monitoring system, river-water stage warning and smart lighting control system.

How to quickly setup your first IoT sensor network ?

When evaluating IoT products, the most common question is ” Does MQTT support? ” ” How do I set it up? ”
Wintec NB-IoT series and 4G series products support TCP, UDP, MQTT, MQTTS and other common communication protocols, and provide a simple configuration interface, allowing you to easily complete the deployment of the Internet of Things. (…Read More)

LTE Cat1 / 4G GPS Tracker: WG-E690

Wintec provides IoT wireless smart agriculture solution

Wintec is a professional manufacture in TAIWAN for over 20 years. We produce multiple the industrial wireless gateway, GPS navigation receiver and communication radio .
To meet the growth and prosper on the Internet of things (IoT) and the mobile peripheral wireless application, we develop a variety of wireless gateways to use in different wireless networks as like NB-IoT, private LoRa, BLE and FSK.
Moreover, we have many experiences in ODM/OEM projects. If you are interested that, please do not hesitate to contact.

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