NB-IoT Wireless Sensor Node

WW-5H20 / WW-5H2B (with Redundant Battery)

Customization Service

The product can be connected to analog sensors / thermocouple thermometers / frequency counters / rain gauges / digital sensors / modbus sensors, and also provides analog / digital control contacts and GPS positioning functions.
Wintec also launched 4G LTE Cat 1 / LTE Cat M1 / LoRaWAN / WiSUN wireless sensor node series, if you have any requirements, please contact us.


• NB-IoT Wireless Data Link Provide Stable Data Stream.
• Operating Bands: Band 1 / Band 3 / Band 5 / Band 8 / Band 20 / Band 28.
• Internet Protocol TCP / UDP / MQTT / MQTTS / Line Notify.
• 4 Sensors-Interface Support Analog or Digital Input / Analog or Digital Output / RTD / Frequency Count / Pulse Count.
• Multi-Type Interface for Sensor.
• Data Logger With SD Card.
• AES Encryption Function.
• GNSS / GPS Receiver.
• More Energy Efficient / Longer Standby Time.
• Solar Charger Management.
• Redundant Battery Inside.
• Wide Voltage Operation for Industrial Applications.
• AUX Power Output for General Purpose Such as Plug-In Sensor or Other Sub System.
• Resist The Water, Dust, Temperature and Shock and Meets.
• IP68 Rating / Flame Retardant.


Product Type: Outdoor
Cellular Protocol: NB-IoT (LTE Cat NB1 3GPP Release 13)
Internet Protocol: TCP ⁄ UDP ⁄ MQTT ⁄ MQTTS ⁄ Line Notify
Operating LTE Bands: Band 1 ⁄ Band 3 ⁄ Band 5 ⁄ Band 8 ⁄ Band 20 ⁄ Band 28
SIM Type: nano SIM, e-SIM (Optional)
Sensitivity: Maximum -116dBm
Transmit RF Power: Maximum 23 dBm (Class 3)
Antenna Connector Type: RP-SMA Jack
Cellular Data Rate: NB1 (26.15 kbit⁄s DL, 62.5 kbit⁄s UL)
Main Port Interface: RS-485
Port1~4 Interfaces: Analog or Digital Input ⁄ Analog (1~10V) or Digital Output ⁄ FFT (Frequency Count) ⁄ RTD (PT-100) ⁄ Pulse Count (Port4 only, special connector required)
Port1~4 Connector Type: M12 5PIN
Main Port Connector Type: M12 8PIN
RS-485 Support Protocol: Modbus RTU ⁄ Hex ⁄ ASCII ⁄ Transparent
RS-485 Baud Rate: 1200bps ⁄ 2400bps ⁄ 4800bps ⁄ 9600bps ⁄ 19200bps ⁄ 38400bps ⁄ 57600bps ⁄ 115200bps (default) ⁄ 230400bps
Digital Input: Digital Input Support High ⁄ Low Signal Judge
Analog Input Spec: Analog Input Support 0~±10 V (± 0.1%) ⁄ 0~20 mA (± 0.2%) ⁄ 4~20 mA (± 0.2%)
FFT (Frequency Count) Spec: Frequency Range: 1Hz~3KHz ⁄ Input leave > 100mVp-p
RTD (PT-100) Spec: Recommend Temperature Range: -150°C ~ +300°C ⁄ 2-Wire or 3-Wire
Pulse Count Spec: Support rain gauge function
Digital Output: Digital Output Support PWM ⁄ Latch Mode
Digital Output Spec: PWM-Frequency: Max. 2KHz ⁄ Latch-Maxim Input 36V (Open drain), Maximum Current 80mA
Analog Output: Analog Output Support 1~10V (±3.0%), Recommended Current: < 10mA
Button: Wake Up
LED Status: Power Status ⁄ Wireless Status
GNSS ⁄ GPS: U-blox GNSS Chipset
GNSS Receiver Type: 72-Channel u-blox M8 Engine, GPS ⁄ QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, SBAS supported (WAAS ⁄ EGNOS ⁄ MSAS ⁄ GAGAN)
GNSS Default Receiver Setting: GPS ⁄ SBAS ⁄ QZSS + GLONASS
GNSS Sensitivity: Tracking & Navigation: -167 dBm, Reacquisition: -160 dBm, Hot Start: -157 dBm, Cold Start: -148 dBm
GNSS Antenna Type: Built in Patch Antenna
GNSS Protocol: NMEA0183
GNSS Acquisition Time (Average): Hot Start: 1 sec, Cold Start: 26 sec
Data Logger Storage: Micro SD Card (Support SDHC)
Encryption Function: AES 128 ⁄ 256, ECB ⁄ CBC ⁄ CTR
Encryption Method: SD Card ⁄ Upload ⁄ Publish
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C (Without battery)
Main Unit Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 4.8 cm (Not include antenna and external connect)
Weight: 260 g (Without battery)
Waterproof: IP 68
Redundant Battery: 18650 ⁄ 3.7V ⁄ 6000mAh (1S2P)
Battery Protection: Temperature (OVP ⁄ OCP)@charging
NTC Specification (Required): 10k ohm (±1%)
Input Power Supply: 7V ~ 36V DC (With OVP), 7V⁄1A@charging
Solar Charger Voltage Range: 7V ~ 36V DC
Solar Chager Current: 20mA~1400mA (±10mA)
Output Power Supply: Each Port (1~4): 10V DC ⁄ 30mA (Max.) support current monitor function
Output Power Monitor: 12V 6.8mA @receive ⁄ 12V 300mA @transmit ⁄ 50~400uA@sleep@battery only ⁄ 12V 1.4mA @charge off
Special Specification: Flame Retardant

Software Function

We support multiple function for Wireless sensor as following:

  • Encryption Function: Support AES/TLS/MQTTS, provide communication encryption, plain text encryption, storage encryption.
  • Main / Backup Server Support: You can set two paths to upload the host to prevent the host from being unable to connect.
  • 3 Publish Topic: Convenient for cloud management.
  • 3 Subscribe Topic: Convenient for cloud management.
  • 60 Schedule Management: Multiple schedules can assist in returning data.
  • Forward Sensor Data: Forward data to cloud using TCP/UDP/MQTT/MQTTS/Line Notify through celluar or internet network.
  • Flexible Time Management: Relative time, absolute time… etc., multiple flexible time setting methods.
  • Modification Settings Remotely: Remotely adjust settings via control center or cloud.
  • Control I/O Remotely: Remotely control your switches, indicators… etc., through the control center or cloud.
  • Resend After Reconnecting: Automatically retransmit sensor data after reconnection.
  • Power/Battery/Load Status Detection: Monitor power status and report.
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