Everything You Need in IoT Solutions

We are professional manufacture in the industrial wireless gateway, GPS navigation receiver and communication radio for more 20 years. To meet the growth and prosper on the Internet of things (IoT) and the mobile peripheral wireless application, we develop a variety of wireless gateways to use in different wireless networks as like NB-IoT, private LoRa, BLE and FSK.

Our LoRa gateway is belongs the private LoRa, not LoRa WAN. It features good anti-interference performance to prevent electronic jamming and provides the long distance transmission. Different from LoRAWAN, the private LoRa is the free network. Furthermore, the output power of LoRa gateway is 2W, the transmitted distance is up to 40km even 50km. More suitable for smart agriculture management and smart wind farm solution to save construction cost. The device is based on your requirement to adjust the frequency in 410~525MHz & 862~1020MHz. Many customers as like system integrator and sensor supplier purchase the wireless gateway to communicate RS-485 devices and SCADA controller.

Our NB-IoT gateway supports more LTE bands and interfaces. The operating LTE Bands supports Band 1 / Band 3 / Band 5 / Band 8 / Band 20 / Band 28. Convert an analog signal into data packets through the analog / digital input pins and support TCP, UDP, MQTT and Line Notify protocol.
Transforming the wired into wireless and the signal into data Packets. It is not difficult that collecting data from sensors and upload to the cloud.
Moreover, the monthly cost is cheaper than 4G / Ethernet. Connect one or multiple sensor via RS-485 Modbus.
It is possible you only need to have the corresponding command to update the meter to the meter regularly through our scheduling function.
WW-5D20 is the RS485 & 5port AUX In / Out NB-IoT gateway that has extended from the WW-5C20 outdoor gateway. Up to 5 Ports analog inputs and digital inputs/outputs support external devices.

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