Wi-SUN RF Transceiver Module



Using the open, global standard IEEE.802.15.4g, Wi-SUN transmission distance could be up to 1 km in an open area. Compared with other LPWA technologies, it not only requires no communication cost, but also can automatically switch the connection target according to the actual radio wave situation through a multi-hop network, achieving higher reliability.
In the development of smart cities and smart grids, it has become a communication technology for the construction of large-scale mesh networks required by them.

EVK Board Integration

We also have a simple EVK product that could help you quickly evaluate whether the module meets your needs.

  • Magnetic and Reed Sensor × 1
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor × 1
  • G-Sensor × 1
  • Buttons × 2
  • Power Supply: AA Battery × 3
  • Micro-USB Interface × 2

RFaaS provides customized smart wireless sensing technology integration,
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The application of the Field Area Network (FAN) is mainly in facilities in large fields, such as smart grids, smart streetlights, etc., allowing public facilities to connect to the same field network and achieve interoperability.

  • Smart meter
  • Remote monitoring system for fire door status
  • Public infrastructure monitoring system
  • Environmental monitoring of power plants


ModelWD-KLG7-A / WD-KLG7-B
Package TypeSMD
Antenna TypeChip Antenna & U.FL Connector
Module Size16 × 21 mm × TDB mm
Operating Temperature-40°C ~85°C
Main ChipsetVC7300 (ARM Cortex-M3 processor)
Frequency Band868MHz / 915MHz (Depend on Chip Antenna)
MemoryWD-KLG7-A: 512KB Flash / WD-KLG7-B: 1MB Flash