BLE / DALI Power Supply Gateway


It integrates with the DALI BUS POWER function that direct supplying power (16V/200mA) to the DALI BUS, which is enabled to set by software. Building-in advanced BLE can resist the external interference and perform the serial communication.
In addition to enabling to communicate between Central and Peripheral, it can be connected by the mobile phone, tablet and other Bluetooth host device.
RS-485 MODBUS RTU’s industrial interface is available that can connect to the existing industrial control host (ex. PLC). Also provides RS-232 to allow users to connect devices with different interfaces.
Supply 5V DC/200mA output power for use in external subunits, which is much suitable as the basic equipment for the industrial Internet of things.


• BLE / DALI command forward gateway.
• Wide voltage operation for digital lighting dimming applications.
• Multi-Interface RS-485, DALI and BLE.
• AUX Power output for general purpose such as plug-in sensor, or other sub system.
• DALI BUS Power Supply.
• Software setting function such as DALI Addressing / DALI Power Setting….
• High efficiency and smart power saving.


Product Type: Indoor
Air Stream Protocol: BLE 4.2
Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz
Sensitivity: Up to -93dBm@1Msps
Transmit RF Power: Maximum 4dBm
Interface: DALI x 1 / RS-485 x 1
Lighting Command Protocol (BLE): Win-DALI
Lighting Command Protocol (RS-485): Win-DALI / Modbus RTU
Serial Interface Baud Rate: 4800bps / 9600bps / 19200bps / 38400bps / 57600bps / 115200bps / 230400bps
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 2.98 cm
Weight: 140 g
Input Power Supply: 12V ~ 30V DC
Output Power Supply: 5V DC / 200mA (Max.)
Power Consumption: Maximum 450mA
Special Specification: Flame Retardant

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