Motorcycle 2-Way Radio


MR-200 is a unique professional motorcycle FM transceiver in the global. Besides drive and passenger intercom, MR-200 AUX-in support includes Radio communication ,MP3 ,speed detector and GPS, which gets out of the switching channels annoyed and interrupt the audio.

  • Dual band design covering 136 ~ 175 and 400 ~ 520MHz Max.10W RF output power (PMR446 / FRS / GMRS /….) ,We can support OEM/ODM service.
  • PMR446 / FRS / GMRS….. UHF frequency range supported.
  • Integrate Drive and Passenger intercom
  • AUX-in supported such as radar speed detector, GPS and MP3
  • Waterproof designed
  • Waterproof and extensional control box
  • Main unit with compact and thin design for saving space
  • 70% space of main unit with aluminum material for durable rigid use and better heat sink
  • External motorcycle used dual-band antenna to improve communication range
  • High strength low loss antenna cable to reduce signal attenuation
  • Universal antenna base
  • Main unit with enforced noise-cancelling circuit design

MR-200 Wired Version

  • High strength wind noise-cancelling microphone
  • Dual speakers designed, allowed to remove one for convenient application
  • Leading design of ultra-thin speaker to reduce un-comfortable feeling for wearing helmet
  • Independent control box for Driver cable package, conveniently adjusts volume, power ON/OFF and PTT
  • Independent control box for Passenger cable package, conveniently adjust volume and PT

MR-200 Wired Version Systems Installation Diagram



Frequency Range: VHF 136 ~ 174MHz, UHF 400 ~ 520MHz
Channel Number: 128
Sub-Audio Type: CTCSS / DCS
Modulation Type: FM
Speaker Impedance: 16Ω 0.5W
Operating Temperature: -30℃ ~ +80℃
Weight: 184g (Main body)
Dimension(H×W×D): 69(H)×80(W)×28(D) mm


RF Output Power: 500mW
Current: Less than 500mA


Receive Sensitivity: Better than 0.2uV @ 12db SIAND
Receive Current: Less than 50mA


1. Rider PTT Lead
2. Power Lead
3. Antenna Lead with (SMA-M) Connector
4. Antenna mount
5. Antenna
6. Rider headset lead
7. Rider Control Box
8. Rider Helmet headset extension lead
9. Helmet headset
10. Passenger Helmet headset extension lead
11. Passenger headset lead


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