LoRaWAN ToF – Smart Geomagnetic Parking Sensor



  • LoRaWAN highly integrated chip, built-in ToF and geomagnetic sensor. Effectively reduce costs, intelligent calculations, and improve detection efficiency.
  • Use battery CR17450, high capacity, light weight, and lower self-discharge. With the calculation of the optimized energy-saving to improve the product’s sustainable service life (more than 5 years).
  • Global standard LoRaWAN Internet of Things. It can also be combined with a LoRaWAN GATEWAY to create an LPWAN network.

We could also use other wireless communications,
such as NB-IoT, Cat-M1 or any detector,
to customize other smart sensing applications.


Smart Parking Solution-Sensing Applications uses geomagnetic sensors that are easy to install and have low maintenance costs to provide users with the most immediate and effective parking management for each parking space and each region.

Not only can parking operators reduce management costs, but also make it easier and faster for people to find parking spaces.