High performance frequency synthesizer for special applications such as buoys, unmanned boat…


The AIS-SART is a self-contained radio device used to locate a survival craft or distressed vessel by sending updated position reports using a standard Automatic Identification System (AIS) class-A position report. The position and time synchronization of the AIS-SART are derived from a built in GNSS receiver.
We also offer programmable AIS-SART products that can be used in fisheries positioning, unmanned vehicles and any application that needs to be located. The specification (IEC 61097-14 Ed 1.0) for AIS-SART was developed by the IEC’s TC80 AIS work group. AIS-SART was added to the GMDSS regulations effective January 1, 2010.

WM AIS-P2 module is high performance frequency synthesizer design for special applications such as fishing tackle buoys, unmanned boat and other tackle applications….


GPS Receiver Type: 72-channel u-blox M8 engine
Frequency: AIS channel 1-161.975MHz / AIS channel 2-162.025MHz / 150~170MHz via software setting
AIS Message Transmitter: Message 1 (UID, GPS position, SOG, COG, UTC) / Message 14 (SART-ACTIVE or SART-TEST)
RF Power Output: Max. 15W
Transmit Antenna: Customer choice and suggest 5/8λ GP
Functional: First Transmission After 5 seconds (no GPS) for check device and the transmission cycle can be set by software.
Secondary Location: Flashing white LED
Range: 20 nautical miles (typical)